This was funny. I found a game I was creating. It had so much done. And a lot not done. For a board game, it would be beyond my capabilities.

That’s okay. My skill is in writing.

For the game, I created a series of six spells for the eight elements. So if you need a quick spell for one of your characters or magical world, take them.

I should up my spell list options. I seriously need more than just this. I normally have I make them up off the top of my head. It can slow me down so much.



Fireball, firestorm, dragon flame, burn, fire cure, fire protect


snowball, blizzard, icicle strike, freeze, ice cure, ice block


electric blot, lightening storm, magnetic pulse, shock, electric cure, electric weaken


water ball, down pour, flood, soak, water heal, water redirect


dirt ball, avalanche, earth quake, unsteady, earth cure, earth stop


gust, tornado, dust cloud, poison, wind heal, wind shield


dark ball, void field, drain, blind, dark cure, persuade magic


lightball, overabundance, second chances, silence, heal, love

I never said they were good spells. Sheez. I made that game up about thirteen years ago.

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