Am I an Author?

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January 2021 Sales

53(Cat Hartliebe)
+6(Cat Gillette)
+5(Tod Leben)
+5(Cyro Hartliebe)

69 ebooks sold.  0 paperbacks.

Biggest Seller: Fall in Love (15 sales) (published on the 15th) (average: 1 sale/day)

Newly published: Fall in Love, First Love, First Meeting, Two Boots; One Date, Aquarium Visit, Happy Puppy, Beautiful, Fireworks, The Spoon
Set to preorder: Tsuba Ren (4-1)
Unpublished: First Love, Beautiful
Previous published: Year of Poems 2019 (paperback), Poem a Day May 2018 (ebook)

Income made: $1.05(kdp)+0(smashwords; everything sold was on free sale)

Overall, I’d call the month a success. The average of book sales is over the number of days in the month. I only goal-ed hitting 100 books sold. If I have income every month, I’d be happy. Even if the income is only a dollar.

When I hit an income of $1000 either through subscriptions/donations or through sales, I will be paying for the domains for the four sites.

I call this level Coffee:
[Reoccurring $5 Paypal to Cat Hartliebe]

I call this level Dinner:
[Reoccurring $20 Paypal to Cat Hartliebe]


At this rate I’ll only reach $10.

Then again, if the sales leads to more sales down the line with stories that aren’t free…

Leagende will be going back online this summer. Tsuba Ren is set to preorder; all sales will count in April.

Goals for this month: get all my shorts that are soloing it into collections.

Happy Puppy did really well. I will be unpublishing that for Non Human Best Friend collection of poems and shorts. (five stories; six poems)

Aquarium Visit will become Autist collection. It’s in the works. (seven poems; four shorts)

Inanimate Chat was my next idea for Two Boots; One Date and The Spoon, but I don’t have enough. If Non Humans Could Talk… maybe? I can add in Fireworks to that. And I may have some extra poems and another short that can work. It would clear the solo shorts. I’ll figure it out shortly.

This month I will set up some promotion for this and next month dealing with Tsuba Ren.

I am also planning on starting the poetry collection review and videos. It will take two years to go through all of them set to daily. Which is the plan. Daily drops on either Tod Leben or Cat Hartliebe.

I need to get some more writing blog posts explaining my experience. I want to write one for reviews. Explain the star ratings and that reviews are for readers. The only thing authors want is more of them. The number of reviews is far more important than what the star rating is or the information in the review. Books need exposure. Like celebrities, any attention is positive even if it’s negative. Authors have sold books because of one star reviews. I am very serious about that.

Once I get that done, I’ll be going through Leagende. I need new covers that all match. I need to give it a cursory edit/review. Convert all the books to metric. Set up trigger warnings. It won’t take long over all. A day per book really. I’m putting it off since the first one will be set to June. Then one a month until the series is finished. I may pull off Unwise as well as a bonus story that begins the second series within the world. It would leave readers hanging though if I haven’t finished Unsure and the rest of the series.


  1. Non Human Best Friend
  2. Autist collection
  3. Fireworks, The Spoon, and Two Boots; One Date into a collection (If Non Humans Could Talk…?)
  4. Tsuba Ren promotion blog posts and tweets. Schedule them.
  5. Writing blog posts (Reviews is one)
  6. Poetry review and video. (two poem books will come out of this: Tod Leben’s Poems as of 2020 and Cat Hartliebe’s Poems as of 2020, which may be switched to 2021)
  7. if everything else is finished: Leagende review and ready for preorder.
  8. Then it’s edit and review other stories within my collection. You can pick if you’re fast enough.

I hope I’m not setting myself up for failure. This isn’t my only real life goals, actions, and work after all. I think I can manage because most of it won’t take a lot of effort. I hope.

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