If Non Humans Could Talk…

I mentioned the creation of a collection that would include The Spoon, Fireworks, and Two Boots; One Date.

They are all non human and being treated as the narrator of the story. That would mean I can put them together, right?

It had me thinking of Non Human Best Friend by Tod Leben. If I combine the two collections, it should be long enough for a paperback. Barely.

But that means I need to make the trio have some friends. I know I have [Tree of Knowledge] poem. It’s one of my favorites. I wrote it as a teenager. Out of the hundreds I wrote before hitting adulthood, it is one of my best.

But it can’t be the only poem and I really do need at least one more story. That’s nice and fluffy and not going to trigger anyone. Or shouldn’t.

I got this.

I went through my hundreds of readily accessible poems and found six total. That plus the three shorts looks okay…

  1. Tree of Knowledge (poem)
  2. [The Spoon]
  3. [Color Me] (poem)
  4. [Fireworks]
  5. A Poem (poem)
  6. [Two Boots; One Date]
  7. Lone Cloud (poem)
  8. No Longer a Sapling (poem)
  9. Sharpening (poem)

I cannot find another short where the narrator is a non human without it also being a Tod Leben work. Poetry is far easier.

That means I need to write a little. Short stories can be fully created beginning to end- ready to publish level- in less than a week. I’d suggest at least a day for every 1k words times the length of time you took to wrote it (excluding writer’s block). Seven rounds of edits is expected even for the shorts.

At my level, I’ve had rather decent first draft short stories. If I go in with a clear idea and let the flow work its magic, I turn out something good. Beautiful went from non existent to published in 24 hours. I pushed for it, and it happened.

I just need to pick something and write. Write fluff. From a non human’s perspective.


I’ll do it at some point soon. Give me a moment to think it over.

Non Human Best Friend are not necessarily written from the non human’s perspective. They are the important character. The narrator doesn’t have to be the important character, remember.

For this collection, it has to be written from something other than human.

[Tree of Knowledge] (poem): Tree
[The Spoon]: plastic spoon (fork and knife are characters)
[Color Me] (poem): a gift/package
[Fireworks]: dog (and cat)
A Poem (poem): a poem
[Two Boots; One Date]: two boots, Lefts and Rights
Lone Cloud (poem): the cloud
No Longer a Sapling (poem): a really old tree
Sharpening (poem): a sharpening stone

Onward to creating more. I need more fluff in my life anyway.

2 thoughts on “If Non Humans Could Talk…”

  1. Created The Curtain is Down and Tick Tock (cat and clock respectively) for the collection. I would like to create a few more poems and stories before publishing. Not to mention these two need edits.


  2. Give Cat a reason, and things will get written.

    New Table of Contents:
    Tree of Knowledge (poem) by a tree
    The Spoon by a spoon
    Color Me (poem) by a package
    Fireworks by a dog
    A Poem (poem) by a poem
    Two Boots; One Date by a boot
    Lone Cloud (poem) by a cloud
    The Curtain is Down by a cat
    No Longer a Sapling (poem) by a tree
    Tick Tock by a clock
    Sharpening (poem) by a sharpening stone
    Pick Me! by a car
    Dancing Blades (poem) by a windmill
    My Offerings (poem) by a windmill

    And I wrote two that don’t fit: Our First Time (Fall in Love would get it) and Still Cold (Tod Leben claim).

    It wasn’t a lot of words, but it is something. Edits will take a bit of time. Perhaps I should aim for a collection a month. Hm…


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