Poem: Final Draft

(You understand the “final draft” well, right? Nothing is ever final. Even published works get reviewed and edited… *sigh*)

Final Draft

I finished!
I did it!
I wrote until the end.
I made it to the conclusion.
(I even edited it.)

The total word count is impressive.
I’m feeling awfully good.
My friend said they’d read it
While I bask on cloud nine.

This one must be the last draft,
The final draft of all final drafts.
I know I made it perfect.
It has to be after these months of practice.

The final draft is finished.
Now to look at publishing.
I know it’s ready now.
My friend will agree with me.

The email I just received
told me to give another editing round a try
it seems I exchanged no and not
and turned a human into a dragon
with no context.

Another edit?
Can’t people read what’s in my head?
This story should be perfect already…

I guess this isn’t my final edit.
Onward to round 254.
I’ll eventually get it.
This time it should be my final draft.
I just know it.

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