I think one of my goals for the year is to take every Tod Leben marked poem and create a Cat Hartliebe one. One without triggers, but covering the same topic.

Then do the reverse. Write a Tod Leben poem for every Cat Hartliebe.

It would be my fastest way to over a thousand poems.

Yay? Nay? It sounds like a tough yet fun task.

[Cat’s Poetry Archive] [Tod’s Poetry Archive] Both need updates. And I plan to have Monday poems on both. That’s my current goal on the blog.

And a bunch of other stuff. [Am I an Author?] post gives my list of current goals.

3 thoughts on “Poetry”

    1. It took me several days to make it through my 500+.

      I’ve started though. I’m probably going to skip some because the title and topic are required to be trigger warning.

      How do I write a poem called Blood or Death without a trigger? wouldnt know. but i’ll aim for as many as i can.


  1. 207 total Tod Leben poems at the moment. I few are already done: At Rest and Don’t You Move are same topic, same situation, but one with blood and animal attack.
    And today I write a few more: 13 Nights of Halloween, Alone, Another Shiver, Beautiful Little Girl, and Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

    How well can I do?


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