I have written a few reviews now, and I like writing reviews for others. If I read a book that has less than fifty reviews, I write something. A star review and a few words.

To write a review here would mean it has surpassed a paragraph. Or I was requested to.

No one has requested me.

Reviews are not for the author.

Even though authors are the ones requesting, we don’t actually gain the true benefit to the review. Your words don’t matter to us.

You can write whatever you want in the review. It is written for future readers in mind. It’s to make them decide whether this book is the right fit for them or not.

The only benefit to reviews for authors is the fact they exist.

We need more reviews of differing types. We need the good ones. The bad ones. Anything offered.

All reviews are good. Because it proves someone read the book and was willing to put in a little time to prove it.

If a book gets a lot of bad reviews, either it didn’t find its audience or it needs to be updated as a new edition. Those are the two reasons. And a review that is from the wrong audience can increase the chance of reaching the right audience.

For me, a One Star means it shouldn’t be there. To be a one star, it has to be the first draft, or a draft that is comparable to a first. If a book hasn’t received the time required to go from first to final, then it shouldn’t be available to the public.

For me, quality is more important than story. Story will have me reading, but sometimes I’m not the correct audience. Being the wrong audience with a good book shouldn’t impact the star review.

I know others who treat star count as how entertaining it was for them. Which is fine as long as they explain that in the review. That they were the wrong audience for the book. Because if they were the wrong audience, there should be a right audience out there somewhere.

I am open to writing reviews under request. I am open to giving out my works for free in exchange for a review. [] [Reviews]

And remember for anyone getting paid to review, never boost the score. Being paid means getting a book to talk about. It’s being told your time giving this book a real consideration is valuable. It does not mean you’re being paid to be a yes-man.

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