Poem: Cupcake (last minute creation)

(This is an unscheduled poem. I am creating it on the day. I wanted to offer a little chaos after so many love poems.)

This ended up being a Tod Leben poem. Triggers are afoot. It’s sweet, but there are concerns. For many who are like me.

Triggers: pregnancy, labor, childbirth

If you aren’t bothered by such topics… I kinda gave away the poem’s idea. It wasn’t meant to be this way. Ack!


You are my little cupcake
The best part of the meal
The sweetest thing I ever saw
My hope after chaos still

You give my dreams a work out
You make my mind swell
My sweet tooth is enabled
Because you are readying now

The time is coming
For screams and cries
The gentle kicks
And chaos times

You are my little cupcake
And soon the world will see
The perfect little cupcake
Coming out of me

Oops… This can be triggering. Triggers: pregnancy, labor, childbirth

I’ll delete it later. Guess my mind isn’t in the best place right now. I’ll post it to Tod Leben.

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