Hmm… Collections

I have so many short stories.

Having them just sit in my collection unviewable by the public is worthless.

So…. That means I have to get some collections going.

I can add to my collections as I create new stories or poems that suit. But for right now, I have several going.

Non Human Best Friend

Non Human Best Friend by Tod Leben cover image.

Fall in Love

Fall in Love by Cat Hartliebe cover image

First Meeting

 Meeting by Cat Hartliebe cover image

If Non Humans Could Talk by Cat Hartliebe and Autist by Cat Gillette are in the works. Both have a general set up of poems and short stories.

Table of Contents of If Non Humans Could Talk by Cat Hartliebe
Tree of Knowledge (poem); The Spoon; Color Me (poem); Fireworks; A Poem (poem); Two Boots; One Date; Lone Cloud (poem); The Curtain is Down; No Longer a Sapling (poem); Tick Tock; Sharpening (poem); Pick Me!; My Offerings (poem); Low Battery (poem); Shadow Book (poem).

Table of Contents of Autist by Cat Gillette
Let it Go (poem); Aquarium Visit; The Mask (poem); Mrs. Namil; The Special Thing (poem); The Book; Don’t Wanna Have a Meltdown (poem); The Water Cavern; Trust (poem); Not Very Huggy (poem); Cara’s Amusement Trip; Nostalgia (poem); The Glass Slipper (poem).

Then there are enough Tod Leben shorts to create Human Existence. I don’t know if everything in my list belongs to Tod Leben. It may split between Tod and Cat Hartliebe.

  1. Bubbles
  2. Snow
  3. Fix the Computer
  4. Dark Silence
  5. Sally’s Holiday
  6. Zoo Trip
  7. The DM Killed Me
  8. Rock, Paper, Scissors
  9. The Bet
  10. Suspended
  11. Dead or Alive
  12. Favorite Pastime
  13. For Every Child; a Seed
  14. Old Enough
  15. Comeback Tour
  16. Cake
  17. Justin
  18. Fake Grave
  19. The Hair Returns
  20. Two Weeks Off

All twenty stories are fiction surrounding a human protagonist.

Still Cold and Our First Meeting need to be edited and added to Non Human Best Friend and Fall in Love respectability.

I have 17 fantasy short stories. They tend to be longer too. I’m not sure which of them is Tod Leben (contains triggers) and which ones aren’t.

  1. Look at Me
  2. Boyan the Cruel
  3. The Ranger’s Revenge
  4. Coffee Dragon
  5. Cottage in the Woods
  6. Successful Night
  7. The Cubs Reunite
  8. The Map
  9. Blue Leaves
  10. Dragon Fruit
  11. Cat Ears
  12. WereCat: Shifting Values
  13. WereCat: Becoming Safe
  14. Skill Less + bonus short
  15. Demi
  16. Elyennila
  17. Returning Home

There are ones I marked special that may go into my Fantasy collection:

  1. Goblin Car Bomber
  2. Step Crunch
  3. My Blueberry Wand
  4. The Creature of Lake Pam
  5. Angelic Outcasts
  6. Lost in a Fire
  7. Father Knows Best
  8. The Hanlon Key
  9. Innocent Friend

I don’t know. Maybe I need to put them in the running to join a collection that includes people other than me. Or a contest. Something.

I can probably create a collection focused on New Jersey. I have several poems and shorts dealing with it.

And as I’ve said before: I can always write more. Short stories aren’t hard for me to do. I could write a short a day without much issue. I’m trying to not do that. I want to finish my longer works, not add to my total stories.

If any of these stories sound cool to you, let me know. I’m open to let you read them as they stand.

I’m gonna published Suspended shortly. Just to get something out this month. I’ll also be publishing If Non Humans Could Talk this month. I’m not really sure about anything else. Not yet. So much to do.

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