Reasons to Bail on a Project

There is only one reason to complete give up: this character is not yours to write.

What do I mean by that?

I am a New Jerseyan white person. How could I write about a Korean Black? Or some other group I have no connection to? Literally none.

I shouldn’t. I can’t.

I have a story about a German Black actually called Head of Hart. The entire story is written and rewritten only to figure out in the rewrite, she’s Black. I cannot in good conscience publish that. I won’t even work on it anymore. It is not my place.

Any other reasons?

Nope. It’s fine. Keep going.

“But, Cat, I don’t have confidence.”

None of us start with confidence. And most of us end up losing out on confidence while working. Writing is a tough field. You gotta dig deep and just keep going. You’ll manage. Perhaps this will need more edits than another work, but you can do it.

“But, Cat, I don’t know where it’s going.”

That’s fine.
Perhaps this piece should be part of a different story. That’s not a bad thing. Just weave in the details to another story. Weave in other stories into this one.
Perhaps you’ve hit writer’s block and just need a short break. Or a long break. Or a plotting session. I take those mid writing. I never plot before writing. I have plotted in the middle.
Perhaps you aren’t fully grasping what this story is meant to portray. That’s not too shocking. Put it aside. Write something else. Let it simmer in the back of your head a bit. You’ll be shocked what comes out of that.

“But, Cat….”

I believe in you and your abilities to write this story. Maybe you’re trying to write it in the wrong medium. Maybe you need a break before continuing. Maybe you need to add in other characters or change out a key detail.

You can do it. Changing a story so it works is important. It’s actually a sign of growth as a writer.

I believe you’ll make the right choice when it comes down to the wire.

But don’t take up space where you don’t belong. Write your stories not someone else’s.

And I really do have a complete story for my Black German witch/demon. If any Black feminines are interested in a complete story to make their own.

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