Dear Cat

(Tod Leben can be found on their site:

I’m sorry for ruining your life.

It’s easy to blame society and family and the community we were born to but-

It’s my fault. Our fault.

But that doesn’t mean we should give up or end it.

Buckle down and fight harder.

~For what though?~

I know you. I expect this question.

What should we fight for?

How can we buckle down when we’re only surrounded by mud and sand. There’s nothing capable of supporting us here. There’s nothing to latch on to.

I wish I knew.

I wish we weren’t staring down the unknown.

I wish I could be more logically hopeful.

I only know giving up cannot be the answer.

There has to be a way.

We just gotta find it. The key and path exist. Promise.

Have faith in your abilities- in our abilities. We can do this. We can find out way out.

You always have my full support, Cat.


Tod Leben

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