Mwahahaha! All the profits

(not really)

But sales for the shortest month of the year shortly before the month closes. If something happens between now and Monday, I may not notice. *shrug* I’ll have a final countdown in December anyway.

Sales as of Feb 26

Fall in Love = 5
Two Boots; One Date = 4 (republished in If Non Humans Could Talk)
If Non Humans Could Talk = 6
Non Human Best Friend = 8
Suspended and Fake Grave = 5
Aquarium Visit = 2
Poem a Day May 2018 (ebook only) = 3
First Meeting = 0
Year of Poems (paperback only) = 0

Total Profit for the month (assuming nothing happens this weekend) is $0.75

Most of the sales were free. Hopefully getting my books out there will increase sales in the future, although that hasn’t happened yet.

I need to get Autist done and out there.

And I need to set up another paperback. At current First Meeting and Year of Poems 2019 are my paperbacks.

Plus I need a poem book. And a cookbook. A short ebook cookbook may offer a little teaser as to what the big one will be like. And my favorite recipes should be easier to access for people.

Profit is profit.
Books sold are books sold.
My words are in other people’s hands. Hopefully that means something.

Either no one is reading or I’m getting middle of the road consideration. No one has gone out of their way to write reviews. It sucks.

At least I’m not so bad I’m getting hit with 1 stars. Ugh. Waiting games suck.

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