Poem: No Longer a Sapling

(Nonsense from a talking tree. You mean you don’t chat with trees on your free days?)

No Longer a Sapling

doubtful you remember
the times long ago
when mammouths roamed
and ice knew no bounds

but i still recall
those massive things
with tusks thicker than my trunk
with fur thicker than my leaves

time has changed things
i’m no longer a sapling
people hide beneath me
because now i’m the tallest thing

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I still prefer [Poem: Tree of Knowledge] as my talking tree.

2 thoughts on “Poem: No Longer a Sapling”

    1. thank you. i haven’t been as active on the blog. or with reading other’s blogs. im struggling to just exist lately. health took a nose dive with the holidays and I havent really come back from it

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