Writing Style

Last week, I went over what we need to know about ourselves to write the most without burning out. Well, three parts to that. Trying to counter whatever your mind sees as the best option will limit your words and hurt the story.

This time, I want to talk about style.

Every writer will come into their own style. Their flow. Their path.


When I read my work- even the old stuff- I see my style peeking out. But it wasn’t until I had a lot of words down that it really made an impact.

The real kicker? The real reason my style became something?

Edits. I wanted to improve the story. Which in many cases, I had to drop my style. I write it so readily into my work. My first drafts are full of it. But the story isn’t me. I haven’t written an autobiography. I am trying to make the story shine to the best of its ability.

Many times, when we get caught by a story or by an author, we’ll start using their style. It’s common. Very few people are like me who started writing long before I had a favorite book. I scribbled on papers putting down a story back when nursery rhymes was my biggest book read. I’m different. I’m the type you expect to have a writing career. Because I’ve always been writing.

But I’m rare.

The more common situation is reading a book you love and duplicating it. Writing fanfiction of it. Learning their style.

Yes, your style will end up being similar to theirs. You love it because it suits you. But there are nuances that are different. Those little things will be noticeable as you write more.

I tell Cyro, after a million words, you’ll be good. You’ll have a high mastery with writing. You’ll be able to see and feel your style. A million words is a lot. And most people never get close. When you have ten novels under your belt, you’ll probably notice your style too.

I read Cyro’s work now. The style is there already. There are many pieces that are similar to my own. I don’t know if they’ll stay. But there is a clear style. Cyro can’t see it.

It reminds me of similar comments my teachers back in middle school and high school made. They said similar. I had a style. They saw it. I didn’t.

I didn’t start really seeing my style until I started editing it out.

All of my books still read as mine. None of them have truly lost my style. But, I can’t let my style shine brighter than the story.

One day, long before you hit a million words, you’ll find your style. Write more. Edit more. Read more. Try.

There is something about your writing that is uniquely you. And that’s why we want your stories. Even if they are just a remake of another’s.

Aren’t all stories just a remake after all? Nothing’s really new. Just newly told by a new author.

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