Covers Matter

I made this post on Twitter a few weeks ago, but kinda realized I should post it on the blog.

Covers matter. They tell a reader what to expect. What type of quality to expect. What type of genre to expect. what type of concerns to expect. cover tell a story. It better match in some sense to the one the book is about. Such as this:

Suspended cover image
by Tod Leben

When you look at this cover, what do you think?

Suspense/horror around mountain climbing in some way.

And this short does include mountain climbing and a level of suspense. Actually, the suspense is main reason it’s a Tod Leben not a Cat Hartliebe.

But I don’t think it matches well enough to the story in question.

And honestly, I wouldn’t pick it up. It’s simple and not in a good way. Something needs to give or change.

It looks like a five minute crappy cover of a first time graphic artist. Perhaps I can blame Cyro for creating it.


It was me. I create all my covers. I use GIMP to create something people wouldn’t hate.

And that’s my goal. To not have a cover that turns readers away. As long as it’s good enough, everything’s fine.

This option isn’t good enough. When a cover looks like a five minute creation, it better have a very specific reason for the look. Nothing about this cover is good enough for even the 99 cent short I published.

Covers matter. You don’t need a fancy couple thousand dollar cover for every book. But you can’t gimp it either. The two places I’d put money into for publishing is editing and then cover.

Yes. After spending the big bucks on editing, I’d say pay for a proper cover. Because people judge books by their cover.

If you can’t create an image or build an image that’s good enough. Go for plain. Use a font that matches your genre and pick out two colors for background and font.

Such as:

Suspended cover image x2
by Tod Leben

This is very basic and plain, but does the job required.

Would I want this for a book I’m selling at a higher price? No. This is good enough for my cheap short.

It works. It’s good enough.

I hope you manage a cover worthy of the story you created. Because a reader won’t access it without a reason to pick it out of the line up. Your book will be one of millions that can be chosen.

A cover can make them pick yours.

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