Tod Leben

What have I been doing?

I had a severe reaction to some food. I wasn’t expecting it. Had to be cross contamination. Still hit hard and took me down. My body takes forever to work through allergic reactions. My immune system is messed up.

During my period of healing, I started reading [Modern Werewolves]. Started with Randy’s story: The Truth with Life and went until the end. Then I wrote more. The Youngest Daughter with Zinnia just came to me. Cleared it. Then I put out The Youngest Silver Mark. Afterwards I finished of The Secret of Search (she dies in the end).

Instead of work on [Leagende] like I’m supposed to, I stuck it out with my werewolves. I’m heading toward the end. The Voice will be conquered sooner rather than later. And the sheep head that’s supposed to take over will be pulled into…

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