Working on Leagende

In case anyone was wondering what I’m doing.

Tod Leben

Remind me to write up why the elves are different skin colors and why. It’s not just genetics.

So I’ve finally (I suck) got through Unwanted’s trigger list. [Leagende Triggers]

The biggest problem is I get lost in the work, so I may miss something. But generally speaking if a trigger shows up in one chapter, there’s a decent chance it’ll show up in another. That’s how stories weave. The big stuff is all listed. If there is an event or situation when written down sets you off, please keep an eye on the triggering list.

Tod Leben is meant to be triggering topics. I write to reduce the damage of trauma. So many traumatic life experiences will end up in my work. Not just mine either. I’ll see things I cannot do anything about for one reason or another that I wish I could have. You’ll find…

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