Poem: Listen to Your Elders

(This is an alphabet poem. Each line begins with the next letter in the Latin alphabet. Except for ‘x’. I used the correct sound, but couldn’t manage the actual letter. X isn’t used enough to be easy.)

Listen to Your Elders

always listen to your elders child
before they even complain
cause there is many lessons
don’t think they lived life plain

elders have a lot to say
for all the years they’ve lived
going places near and far
hurrying across the plains

I never thought you’d pass
just because it’s boring
kindness isn’t weak
living isn’t mourning

many people never reach it
never see the elder status
or spend time as it
please listen to their words

quickly sit and listen
refrain from being rude
sit before the venerable
tune in to their words

understand their meaning
victories were won and lost
while they were living large
examine each word carefully
you will not regret it
zero reason not to listen

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