Poem: Fool in Love

Day 2! Poem a Day May series is going strong. Poem number 3: Fool in Love.

As you may have guessed (or not), I have fallen for the musician GD. Or really the one behind the mask: 권지용. There are many reasons why, but his music gives me the drive to keep going. Gives me the drive to face down the possible fame that becoming famous would lead me with.

I would’ve given up on everything author and poet- at least as a published one- if not for finding him.

So, he gets day 2. I won’t offer much in the way of romantic love in these poems. This is really as close as I can get. Because for me right now, romance isn’t an option. A relationship for me isn’t possible.

Luckily love is far bigger than just romance.

Fool in Love

the wide open world
and i only see you
the grace of movement
as you look this way
missing my existence
as I stare at yours
forever lost
fool in love

the casual way
you always notice
absolutely everything
even if im never
the one who caught your eye

you see a world
far different than me
and i grow lost
each day it becomes more known
as far apart we are

your world
and mine
may be physically the same
yet when we think it over
we’re two completely different people
in a world different and alike

fool in love
thats how i am
and who youd be
if you stop and paid attention
to my little infatuation

dont notice me
youll gain my weakness
let me watch from a distance
where the shadows increase
and your life is nothing like mine

tender thoughts
to all those around you
and fans like me hiding in the shadows
lurking your posts
and singing your praises

we dont stand a chance
to your smile
and your dance
and the way you move
gracefully through life

im more the sand beneath your feet
or the water you drive upon
or the wind that guides you through
when life gets tough
and i hope to always be

im the unnamed
the unknown
the masked creation
that you never saw
as i glance from the distance
at your shining epicenter
and brilliant existence

fools in love
i am
youd be
if you noticed this casual glance
and heart felt emotion
caught inside of me

allow me to stay a fool
be your fan
and just hide everything

so you can stand proud
out there and free
as i just clap
and shout your name
to the masses
please let me

your limelight is powerful
and it gives me hope
not to be at your side one day
but to stand shining in my own light
even if I never gain those eyes
from the one who caught mine

Be thankful to GD if you enjoy my poetry and writing. Because I lose hope readily and he’s been the reason I haven’t just said fuck it.

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2 thoughts on “Poem: Fool in Love”

  1. The reason I consider myself a fool for falling for GD is because I know the two of us would have a hard to handle relationship, at least up front.
    You can’t take two hyper empathic people who struggle with communications and expect them to have an easy to handle relationship.
    It’s not even a guess. I know it would be volatile. Passionate people are.
    I’m more grounded now than I ever was, but I’m still the same as I was. I’m still hyper empathic. I still lack in communications.
    I look to GD as something special because I’m similar in a lot of ways. We’re both different and alike.
    I don’t know if he’d want someone like me. That’s an unknown. The job I preference -always have- is parent. I wish to be the stay at home mom. I’m a submissive in a relationship even if I have all the leader qualities in real life. His desires around these points are unknown.
    So I wrote Fool in Love. Because even if I had the chance, there’d be a massive fight to get that chance into something long term. I’d be open to fighting for it. Because I know after figuring out the fire, things could work out well.


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