Poem: Sweet Child of Mine

Day 4! I’m rocking the month so far. Let’s pick love of a child today. (Happy Mother’s Day to those within my reader list. Happy Parent’s Day.)

Sweet Child of Mine

sweet child of mine
your gaze offers so much
i can see your love
even before your voice can work

your giggles have me smiling
the laughter fills the air
because you saw your feet
and thought it the most hilarious

your curiosity has me wishful
for those days long ago
as if I could be the child
while you discover life

you rush to my side
muttering in fear
because something new arrived
and you havent decided yet

my soft calm words
bring you ease and openness
and soon your hands reach out
learning the new experience

sweet child of mine
i am relearning everything
through your little eyes
and curious mind

you haven’t said ‘i love you’
-thats not required-
your displays of affection
happen all the time

my heart swells watching you
as you figure it all out
and come back to me grinning
because life is easier for you now

words will never demonstrate
to parents near and far
how much it means to children
just let them stay as they are

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