Poem: Beach

(Okay, okay. A special poem on Mother’s Day for all you parents out there. I feel ya. The rest of you better did the flowers and chocolates already. *stares at all the kids*)


Note: Sonnet

Why did I agree to come here this time?
Did I wish to be burned by the bright sun?
I am whiter than white out of my prime
With nothing to protect me from the fun.

Why would I agree to do this again?
Did I think the clouds covered the sunshine?
My wild and free kids just wanted right then;
“The beach, the sand,” they continued to whine.

Why do this to myself year after year?
Did I think the times would change anything?
But the kids will grow up and start to clear,
And I will lose them when they take to wing.

I must handle the suffering once more.
Once a few years pass by, they will ignore…

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