Poem: Still My Heart

(Had a dream. Told someone I loved them. Closed them off to me for the words. I gotta stop telling everyone and then some. So many have acquired trauma from love. See also: [Poem: Already Fell])

Still My Heart

be still my heart
it costs far less
to be silence
while it progresses

too soon
its a day too much
and a life unlived
and a world because

still those words
i granted out
they seek to be
to exist in this world

but those words
as simple as they sound
rake against the grain
and leave life without sound

hold back
sweet heart of mine
i know you’re a fool
but please dont hurt others

be still little heart
I know its hard
but trauma comes in many forms
and ‘i love you’ is one part

Are you liking my poetry? Let me know. Comments give me the will to write more. [Poetry Archive]

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