Working On…. May 2021

Since it’s dealing with triggers, its on Tod’s site.

watch out for triggers before reading.

but this will give a quick run down as to my current situation. writing wise anyway.

Tod Leben

Unwanted & Unexpected is ready! I have a proof copy of the paperback coming to me. I’m going to double check everything first. Once I am comfortable with the cover, formatting, etc, the book will be done-done.

Okay, I won’t be publishing the paperback until the end of the month. I’ll give people the chance to get the paperback before the ebook publishes.

The ebook is ready for Unwanted & Unexpected and Undeniable & Unbreakable. I’ve started the ebook formatting for Unbelievable & Unavoidable. The paperback of Undeniable & Unbreakable will take a bit of time- which I have.

The preorders are set up on Smashwords for all three. KDP and Amazon… Well… They’ll be ready before their dates.

[Leagende] has the details that I have.

[Tod Leben’s Smashwords] is already ready. The ebook is uploaded for the first two. I’ll definitely get the third done…

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