Updates – May 2021

I finally got [Archives] [Poetry Archive] [Cat Hartliebe’s Personal Posts] and [Writer’s Stuff] updated to reflect now.

There has been a struggle… It’s more lack of will… I haven’t been keeping up on it.

I can offer excuses, but nothing changes the fact I haven’t managed my blog well at all this year.

You can easily see in the [Archives] how much I’ve been struggling.

I haven’t done a writing blog post in a while either, although I have quite a few now on the page. I should start it up again.

The will to exist is missing, let alone the will to keep this blog active.

I’m struggling in so many directions.

I’m sorry.

I do know having too much on my plate overwhelms me easily. It’s why I stick to shorts as often as possible. It’s why my work is always lean on description and information. It’s why I fail to update archives and other things when I’m supposed to.

That’s being ND. That’s having ADHD.

But I’m also falling into depression. I know that.

I don’t have access to mental health care that won’t spiral me further into depression.

I need to get out of my hole. And I can’t. Because if I seek help, others won’t receive it.

I’m surviving. I’m not thriving. I assume I’ll never thrive.

Why am I trying at all?

I’m gonna go listen to 지. He makes everything better.

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