Own Voices work by Cat Gillette.

Autist by Cat Gillette cover

Being autistic is just who I am. It’s who I’ve always been. And I want to give that level of acceptance to every single autistic I meet.

There has only been trauma in my past. From so many people: teachers (that 3rd grade teacher hated me), peers (especially peers), officials, psychologists (all of them suck; *grumble*), etc….

I do not want to offer that same trauma to child. It’s the biggest reason I homeschool. Because being an autist in public education only leads to suicidal thoughts. Child was in public school in fourth grade. Fourth grade made him want to commit suicide. And they did not notice or help in any way. The public school system made it worse.

I am giving my everything to child to make sure Cyro doesn’t end up with my level of trauma.

This book is to offer the same to every little autist out there.

To every big autist out there.

To say you don’t deserve the trauma life causes you.

There is literally nothing wrong with you. Promise.

[Autist] has been set to be published today. [Smashwords] is up. KDP/Amazon takes a bit longer. It is ebook only because of the size. The four short stories and nine poems only creates 4k words.

More will be added as I create them. Just as I plan to do with the other collections by [Cat Hartliebe] and [Tod Leben].

[Cat Gillette] has their own website, but it’s lacking and will continue to be until there is a following that requires activity.

Although I have a few neurodivergent blog posts I could post there… Nah. I’ll repost there from here. This blog is more active.

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