Poem: Can’t Be Lonely When Your Dead

Boom. This is the poetry I’m talking about.
…. ummm…. watch out for those triggers before you trip.
Persuade me to get a recording for Youtube with this one. It deserves it.

Tod Leben

(You know when things just hit you? And you have to get them down? And you’re not sure where you’re going? But you have to try it out? This is one of those moments. I don’t expect you to understand. Half the time I don’t.)

Triggers. Obviously. Death and life are both being drawn in. Same with loneliness. By the title alone.

But there’s more of them.

And I’m not picking them out right now.

Suffer with just the knowledge it isn’t rose colored life.

But it does match to the theme of love. You may be able to figure out how.

Can’t Be Lonely When You’re Dead

cant be lonely when your dead
stave off hunger
by refusing food
give up thirst
without a drink

only the end creates the means
that stands before
and inbetween
but dont defy those attempts
we’re standing still
and rushing in

death may…

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