Random Thought: Favorite Candy

Readers. I have a favorite candy.

Okay… That’s not shocking. I mean, I’m American.

But my favorite candy isn’t common or easily acquired where I am. We stopped at an Asian Market in Pleasantville after getting Cyro’s covid shot in AC. It has been my favorite Asian Market I’ve visited. Part of that is it’s size and it’s location. But it also has to do with the fact I haven’t visited a bunch of them. I’ll probably find another favorite at some point.

But anyway…

Favorite candy: Sesame crisp flakes.

I absolutely LOVE sesame. I’ve always loved sesame. The first time I got this little sugary crisps was after my father visited Japan when I was a kid. It was a little thing to bring back. Sugary sesame crisp flakes and a fancy doll.

I loved them.

Wait… I can get you a picture- ’cause internet-

Sesame Crisp Flakes

So these are very similar to peanut brittle. As much as I like peanut brittle and it was near the top of my candy list, it doesn’t match this. Peanut brittle requires chewing and it can stick to the teeth and the peanuts can be…

Sesame doesn’t need chewing. It’s little seeds. The crisps are thin and just break readily, so it won’t stick to my teeth.

Love them.

Must it be this brand of them? No. Just this type of candy.

So, chaos today lead me to my delicious treat.

I’m going to add sesame to everything next. And these things are going to require me to brush my teeth at least twice more today. Oh and I should watch my sugars. I mean they’re just sugar and sesame. Gotta be careful.

I hope you enjoyed my chaos post.

When I first tried them? I was seven or so. My father visited my oldest brother while he was stationed in Japan for the military. He brought back random things like these little cakes.

I don’t fit typical American… Do I?

Cyro got their first shot today. Second happens in three weeks on June 5th.

2 thoughts on “Random Thought: Favorite Candy”

  1. I never heard of it. But sounds like they are easier to consume than peanut brittle. I definitely don’t like to eat anything that sticks to my mouth and teeth.

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