Learning 한국

As you probably have guessed… What am I saying? I’ve point blanked stated I’m studying and learning Korean. It’s such an amazing language. The letters and words make sense.

They were created to make sense. I have enough of the written knowledge that I’m stuck just getting more of it. By now I’m limited by lack of knowledge. I hate it.

But anyway.

In English, we have an easy way of creating new words. We can easily add prefixes and suffixes and build a new word based on previously learned ones. And people get it.

Publishment isn’t a word. But you get what it means because you know the word ‘publish’ and the suffix ‘ment’. It makes sense.

The language before Korean that I studied was German. It does the same thing. Because you can compound things to make sense. (Google German Longest word)

Korean offers a similar addition. I can build a word based on a variety of options. It makes translation difficult, but has different concepts based on manipulation.

What do I mean?

죽겠다. English doesn’t understand this. Because both the ‘to will’ verb and the ‘to die’ verb is combined. Many languages have this as a suffix/prefix to the verb too. Instead of a separate word- will- they just add it to the action verb.

These types of manipulations make poetry so much easier. Because I can say a lot more in less space. Every word matters when writing poetry.

[Poem: 유리울] has me cutting down to individual words instead of creating sentences. For one, because I’m not confident with sentences (no stories coming out yet). For two, poetry like this is meant to have that punch. Emotions should be hit hard and fast. That’s how the fast poems work. How short lines work. It’s meant to punch you in the chest and keep you struggling to breathe.

I’m having fun learning the language.

My suggestion for anyone else learning, emerse yourself as much as possible. Listen to the music. Watch the videos. Research something special about the culture. Seek places where joint language is a thing. Try to translate the languages both ways.

And the most important part: do it every day (or nearly so). Learning a language is only possible if you practice it consistently. A little bit can go a long way. But you cannot do anything without putting in time and effort.

I have at this point picked up pieces of many languages. The reason I stuck with German and Korean more than the others was the ease of verbal to written and the allowance for complexities in language. I have favorites.

2 thoughts on “Learning 한국”

  1. Yeah Korean is pretty cool. Since I just learned how to speak it, I don’t really know anything about Korean grammar lol I just speak it.
    And I learned German in college & I loved learning it. I still speak it actually .

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    1. languages are so much fun.

      and a lot of hard work.

      and i screw up grammar in everything i do. i always have to double check rules.

      Korean is way easier on grammar than English is though. This language is chaos in word form.

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