Update on Poem a Day May 2021

I got Poem a Day May 2020 back up. Since the monthly poems include ones that are Tod Leben, the book is in their name. [Poem a Day May 2020]

These challenges have kept me on my toes when it comes to poetry. Ever since I started doing them my number of available poems have increased exponentially. And my skill has evolved. When I did poetry as a child, it could take a hundred poems before getting one that’s good. The number of poems required before getting a good one has really dropped.

I’m not saying every one of my poems is good. There are several I’d question. And unlike with stories, it’s harder to edit a bad poem into a good one. Better to just create anew seeking a different path to the same end.

I completed Poem A Day May 2015 (my first attempt), 2018, and 2020. In 2019, I failed miserably. I skipped ’16 and ’17. I don’t recall why.

I have no fear of completing this year’s goal of at least 31 poems (daily average reaching 1). I question if they’re all connected to my chosen theme: Love.

In 2020, I wrote several poems that weren’t part of the write a poem because of a song theme. They made it into the book.

This year, I don’t think I’ll aim to create a book. Those happy love poems by Cat Hartliebe can go into [Fall in Love].

The rest…?

I want to get a good collection of highly emotional poems. Most of these will fit that even if they didn’t hit the emotion love. Beyond that? idk.

So this year’s list:

  1. Ball of Fur (Needs to be added to If Non Humans Could Talk…)
  2. Cuddlebug (Needs to be added to Non Human Best Friend)
  3. Fool in Love
  4. Love’s Free Fall
  5. Sweet Child of Mine
  6. Don’t Cry Cat
  7. Already Fell
  8. Fated
  9. Friendship
  10. Still My Heart
  11. Melt for Me
  12. The Mask 2 (This can be found in Autist collection. It was a rewriting of [Poem: The Mask])
  13. Home, Is There Such a Thing?
  14. First Flight
  15. Together United
  16. 유리올
  17. Best Friend
  18. I Need You
  19. Do I Know Enough? (Can be found in Autist)
  20. Thanks For…
  21. Unobtainable Love
  22. Can’t Be Lonely When You’re Dead
  23. Forever Friend
  24. Fluff and Fairy Tales
  25. “Joy”
  26. Honeycomb Whispers
  27. Rainbow Sea Dragon
  28. Rainbow Flag
  29. Big Brown Eyes
  30. Heart Full

No, I didn’t write a poem today. I was working on my poetry without writing one.

It is day 16 of the month. This challenge is almost complete with quite a bit of time to go.

I got this.

Edited: added new poems on Day 19. 26 poems in 19 days. Not my best total, but not half bad.

Edited: added new poems on Day 26. Now at 30 poems in 26 days. I’ve been struggling, but I’ll hit 31 this month for sure. Now to question if everything was on topic… Love was harder than expected… Mostly because I have grief around Mother’s Day. Losing children is hard.

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