Poem: “Joy”

Poem’s a Tod today, but it’s still nice.

Tod Leben

Poem a Day May 2021!

Doing well, aren’t I?

Tod Leben means triggers.

Triggers: pregnancy; labor; baby; drugged like state


i touched it
this swirling wave of everything
i stuck my heart deep within its confines
and just let it take me

the fullness
the power
the presence
the strength

nothing compares to it
this emotion im sitting on
as if nothing even matters beyond
im caught within this moment

“What is this?”
I cannot help asking as the bubbles hold me still
as my mind slips across the boundaries
forgetting life outside this thrill

his words offer me comfort
it reminds me where i am
who i am and whats going on

release this high
this steep incline where nothing is noticeable
where i am lost to the feelings
the everything that stole me

“Or did you wish to call her something else?”
he slides the bundle…

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