Poem a Day May 2021 is over!

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I succeeded at getting more than 31 poems, but the theme of love fell apart. Many of them are related to love. Or it’s easy to see a connection (like with partnership).

But it’s a small number that actually stayed on topic.

For a tough month, I managed. I should definitely aim for a collection of prompts over just one. Different prompts every day recharge me enough to keep going.

My favorite poem from the month? [Big Brown Eyes] There’s comfort in the idea. My hope in just a few stanzas. Hope I’ll never see again.

Full list of poems from the month:

  1. Ball of Fur (Needs to be added to If Non Humans Could Talk…)
  2. Cuddlebug (Needs to be added to Non Human Best Friend)*
  3. Fool in Love*
  4. Love’s Free Fall*
  5. Sweet Child of Mine*
  6. Don’t Cry Cat
  7. Already Fell*
  8. Fated*
  9. Friendship
  10. Still My Heart*
  11. Melt for Me
  12. The Mask 2 (This can be found in Autist collection. It was a rewriting of [Poem: The Mask])
  13. Home, Is There Such a Thing?
  14. First Flight
  15. Together United
  16. 유리올
  17. Best Friend
  18. I Need You
  19. Do I Know Enough? (Can be found in Autist)
  20. Thanks For…
  21. Unobtainable Love*
  22. Can’t Be Lonely When You’re Dead*
  23. Forever Friend
  24. Fluff and Fairy Tales* (Belongs in Fall in Love)
  25. “Joy”
  26. Honeycomb Whispers* (Belongs in Fall in Love)
  27. Rainbow Sea Dragon* (Belongs in Fall in Love)
  28. Rainbow Flag
  29. Big Brown Eyes
  30. Heart Full
  31. Dear Baby,
  32. Only Memory Left
  33. Fluffy Little Kitty (Belongs in Non Human Best Friend)
  34. Forever and a Day

* means it is clearly about love/includes love.

[Tod Leben] [Poetry Archive]

After this month of poems, I have decided I need to create a grief based poem book. I have so many grief based poems. It would probably do me well if I had them in a book on my shelf. So I can read it when I need a little time just letting the feelings hold me as they do far too often.

Side note: Cyro managed 17 poems this month. They did well all in all. I wish they were more success though.

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