I’m ND. Nothing made me more comfortable with myself when that was finally clear.

But given I’m ND, keeping up on a blog isn’t easy. The best way is to set up blog posts for months out.

I have poetry (the published stuff) set up for Mondays until the end of the year on both Tod Leben and Cat Hartliebe. On Wednesdays until the end of August, there will be writing blogs on Cat Hartliebe.

Yeah. Success. I’ll have an active blog for the rest of the year.

I need to get promotion posts going. Tod Leben and Cat Hartliebe have work published. Cat Gillette’s work will get chatted about on here since the blog isn’t active yet.

My promotion posts were set to Saturdays before. Friday was short stories.

Fridays will probably work for Promotion.

Personal blog posts happen when they happen. It’s rarely set up as future blog posts because they’re personal. I only schedule them when I create multiple at once.

Poetry can show up whenever. The Monday ones are published poems linked to the book they’re published in.

Beyond that… I’m not sure. I wish I had a better idea what I want to offer my readers.


I guess I really wish I had readers.

*shake head*

Anyway, I’m just pointing out I may not be actively here on the blog, but the blog will be active either way.

Have suggestions for me? I’m open to them.

I try to get on the blog daily. Because I am hopeful someone will chatter with me. Will notice me.

I need to stop being so hopeful.

Love you

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