Is Anyone Interested?

Its moving off Cat Hartliebe either way.

Tod Leben

I was putting [Genie Wishes] on Cat Hartliebe. It’s definitely a Tod Leben novel.

Right now, my goal is to clear it. I’m nearing the conclusion. Things are nearly hitting end point.

Should I upload the entire thing here? As a first draft with light edits?

There are so many things I will need to work on during edits. Like creating names for all the places. Improving everyone’s names (Diss Weasher… dishwasher… or Blast Toise… blastoise…) is on the top of the list too. Some are even missing a name. I gave them a title without a full name.

For edits.

Also expanding description. Not a lot, but enough. Reducing dialogue a touch. Removing anything unnecessary, etc, etc. (I’m normally adding not removing, but whatever.)

It’s already 89k words. It won’t be a doubling when going to second draft. But after I finish things plus an edit bonus……

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