Direct Payments

I need to set up paypal for direct payments. It shouldn’t take a lot of effort to set up.

Ebooks will be same price as the rest of the internet ($4.99, $2.99, $1.00) generally. Signed paperback copies will be $25 with a month time delay. I cannot rush transportation.

I’ll be sending a the requested file type by email for ebooks and to a physical address for the signed paperback.

Direct is the only way currently to get a signed paperback. Either buying it from a vender and asking me in person or buying through the site.

I’m planning on a giveaway soon. I don’t know when and what quite yet. Suggestions are allowed.

Paypal links:

Ebooks: ebooks that have a paperback copy: $4.99
ebooks that do not have a paperback copy: $2.99
single poem, blog post, or short story: $1.00
signed paperback copy: $25
Poem creation: $20

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