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Redundancy and Repetition have the same purpose: bring attention to something. Punch the item up in writing. Draw out the meaning and purpose.

Redundancy means taking the meaning of the word and doubling it. Perfect 100% grade. A perfect grade is 100%. 100% means perfect grade. So using both is redundancy.

Some common options are ‘advance’ preview, disappear ‘from sight’, ‘now’ pending, and ‘unintentional’ mistake. A preview is always in advance. Disappearing means leaving sight. If something is pending, it is currently doing so. A mistake is always unintentional.

More options can be found here:

Poetry makes used of redundancy often. To match up with syllable or rhyme schemes. To bring attention and importance to a word or phrase.

Redundancy in writing can do the same. It creates a special connection to the word or phrase. It can easily fail. If redundancy is used incorrectly, it is like missing a punch during the final match.

Writing has different techniques to bring out the best of a work.

When it comes to redundancy, the piece that would need to be keyed in on and drawn attention to is the piece that would be removed in normal circumstances. It puts the emphasis on the normally dropped word/phrase.

If that emphasis isn’t useful or weakens the statement, remove the words and try again. Or rewrite to suit the style better.

Missing a hit during a match can make the entire battle be a loss.

You don’t want that.

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