Magic Within the Worlds

In my various stories, I use magic. Each world has a slightly different magical system. Although several piece is almost the same: magic is a lot like money; magic is part of the body; and magic can lead to death if overused. There are probably a few others that cross over, but these three stand out.

Magic is a lot like money meaning it can used to run the world. And in the cases of my dragons, their existence uses it to run the world. Most of my myths have it where the more magic you have, the higher on the societal scales you are. Magic can be used as payment in many cases. Magic can change things much as money can. All the same things.

Magic is part of the body. Most of the time, increasing magic is near impossible. A few caveats among my myths, though. Dragons gain more power as they grow older. They create mana based on their size. Demons can train stronger to gain access to more mana. They level up to 50. What everyone can do is increase efficiency with magic. Or increase stamina to make it easier to use. Or increase knowledge/train to have an easier time using the magic. Most though cannot improve the amount they can hold, only how they use it. Most magical systems have a recharge ability as well, but maximum doesn’t normally change.

Magic overuse can lead to death. It’s a common marker. If magic is part of the body, overuse can kill a person. This is the case for all of my magic users across all my worlds. Lean into the magic too much or use the magic too much and death is the only answer. In the case of the werewolves, lean into the werewolf magic too much and your humanity dies.

Magic is complex. Finding similarities between the different systems isn’t shocking. I should really dive deep into the different magical systems. Same with the myths. Because they really are a lifeline for the stories. And that can be a lifeline for a future writer.

When I have time.

Published works with magic: [Tsuba Ren] [Natalie the Dragon Rider 6th Grade (P.I.N.C.)] [Leagende] [First Meeting]

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