My Current Books

Fall in Love
Love is more than just romantic.

Non Human Best Friend
Give pets, plants, and non humans besides a chance.

If Non Humans Could Talk…
It’s Cat Hartliebe, no one dies.

First Meeting
If humans met fantasy for the first time…

Bludi Illiene seeks his mother even if no one wants the half elf near the throne.

Tsuba Ren
Laurel loses her mother, seeks her father, and tries to find a real home. Does that exist?

Natalie the Dragon Rider
-P.I.N.C. series- Natalie has no idea who her father is, but needs to find him fast before losing everything good in her life- that really isn’t much.

A different way of thinking doesn’t mean we’re wrong. #OwnVoices

Poem a Day May 2020
Prompts of songs create a collection of powerful poems.

New Jersey Favorites (Shortly!)
Guess where Cat lives? New Jersey! It really is the best state.

Halloween Favorites (Shortly!)
Handling fear, taking on tricks, dealing with myths and evil monsters… Written as short stories and poetry.

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