Breaking Writing Rules

[Writer’s Stuff]

Every time you break a writing rule, there better be a reason. Every time you’re ignoring the suggestion, there should be purpose.

It can be any reason at all, but the reason should exist. And whatever choice you make must match for the rest of the project.

I have a habit of using sentence fragments. Often. Everywhere. It’s how my brain runs. They make sense. I’m cutting off unnecessary words that would slow down my writing. When going back, I turn most of them into full sentences. Because I know it’s a rule. But not all of them. Some stay. To boost whatever I am saying. To draw attention. To make interest.

That’s the biggest reason for saying no to a writing rule: to bring attention. People key into writing mistakes. It’s easier to spot them.

The second reason: it’s just part of the style. Creating a dialect or using one will change a lot of writing rules. When talking about grammar rules, I am speaking from New Jersey about American English. My rules will match with the limited connections I have.

I even told Cyro that I don’t have professional English language skill. I cut out at business. Because learning the differences and figuring out how everything matches and should match is something required of the next level.

I find most in that level snobbish anyway, so I refrain from getting a stronger grasp of the language. I’m good enough. People hating on me for my English skills won’t like me as a person. Not much I can do about that.

Writing rules aren’t something to just change at a whim’s notice. They bring importance to a topic. Or they build a style for a work. It can turn off readers, but also boost them. When done well.

Every rule and caveat is always: When Done Well.

How do you do it well? Trying. A master has failed more times than a beginner has tried. Keep trying. Keep writing. Keep searching for your answer.

Writing rules aren’t set in stone.

They don’t need to be follow all the time.

Just break the rules on purpose. Accidental breaks make for bad writing. Purposeful rule breaking improves it.

Learn the rules to break the rules.

That’s being a real artist.

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