Poem: Taught by Family

There is a level of privilege living in a family who also suffer from disabilities. The same ones anyway. Who grew up with them just as I was. I could learn from their tricks. If only my family also didn’t suffer from ableism, life would be great.

These thoughts help me a lot while trying to handle my disabilities. I’m not the only one like this. So many are like me. My ancestors gave me these issues because they lived through them. Which means I can too.

Taught by Family

Even though diagnosis
in my family has been limited,
being surrounded by others who are ND…
its been a privilege in a lot of ways.

I was taught by others
who have my brain patterns and different view.
My skills have improved
based on what they’ve given me.

and i can do the same for child.
because i know.
the tricks I was taught
as well as those I figured out
can be given to child as a youth.
they dont need to struggle as much.

pretty much everything i deal with
is genetic.
I was the unlucky one
to get all the disabilities
that were possible active inside me.

there was someone in my ancestry
that also dealt with this.
Who lived with this.
and passed those genes along.

I may live in a different world.
but those tricks gained and taught
through the generations arent weaknesses.
My life was far easier than some
because I had people truly understand.
People who showed me ways
that I could do.
I could live as I am

Accepting my disabilities has been a hard experience. But essential to happiness. This is where I am. This is who I am. Here are my limits. That doesn’t mean I cannot do. I can still dance. I can still sing. I can still be me. I’ll always be me.

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