Poem: Life in a Pandemic

Things arent going well.

Life in a Pandemic

how many waves of death do we need?
how many times must we face this thing?
are we playing a game where i can revive?
i thought this was life

what are we truly facing?
when will we make the choice were making
how are we going to manage this
will we be stuck in perpetual miss?

i want to be free of watching crisis
people dying, people crying,
life is so much more than just watching
were caught in a trap without escape

how can we just repeat the same mistakes
as if the steps have changed
now were facing demons greater
and people complain as if the thing weakened

im growing weary at this rate
ill die before i live in this state
i cant believe its all repeat
as if this is game we can retry

im pretty sure this is life
once you die, you die.

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