Everything- This is Literal- is Connected to Writing

[Writer’s Stuff]

In previous posts, I made it clear there are three ways to improve writing: actually writing, reading, and living life.

That means everything can improve your writing. Experiencing or learning about life can give you new ideas that can expand your skills as a writer.

There is no caveats here. No limiters. No suggestions that don’t hit the mark.

Literally everything can help a writer.

We need new experiences to become better writers. It’s more than just reading or writing. We need to feel things. We need to do things. We need to learn about things. We need to expand our mind and thoughts and world.

Because the more we know, the more complex our books can become.

And just like grass, simplicity is often times created best after the most complex has been handled.

So, have that vacation. Take that break. Let yourself get caught up in the movie, in the date, in the random trip. Because it is helping your writing. You may not see it right away, but those events shape your skills as a writer. Don’t disregard having fun.

It’s important to live.

Or you’ll never hit your best skills as a writer.

Put away your computer, your notebook, your pen, and get out. Talk to someone. Take a walk. Join a competition. Start a new hobby.

Give life a chance.

It’s required to be a writer.

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