Poem: Low Battery

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This poem- Low Battery- is found in [If Non Humans Could Talk…]

Low Battery

hey, hey, hey
are you paying attention to me?

there’s a problem
a big one
I’m at low battery

that little marker
in the corner?
it says three percent

I’m begging here
I’m blinking and beeping here
I need the charger

why won’t you listen?

you always wait
for the very last minute
to fill me up
as if I haven’t
been hungry for a while

offer me a charge
I need one
I’m dying
this is the last chance

the last beep

I’m finished

-powering down-

-now charging at 0% percent-

[Poetry Archive] [If Non Humans Could Talk…]

If Non Humans Could Talk... by Cat Hartliebe cover

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