In [SS: My Cinderella Life] I mention I homeschool Cyro. (Kevin = Cyro)

I do. Cyro did not do well in school. The school never challenged them. Which would be fine, if it also didn’t set him up for suicidal ideation. School was the reason I started suicidal ideation, too. Public school is not good for autists.

So I home school. I have a high skill teaching and would probably make a kick ass teacher. (My friend suggested for “special needs”. Since I’m disabled, it would make sense I could handle disables better. An autist teacher for autists? How could it make less sense?)

Cyro is already readying for the GED. They could pass the test, but must wait until they are sixteen. NJ has age requirements. I’m more worried, Cyro will struggle to sit for the entire test. It’s long. We’ll figure it out. I started writing stories when I had excess time left over. That’s how Antimony in [Troubled Royals] got started (and also why it’s dedicated to HS Chem teachers).

Cyro also does Taekwondo. As a black belt (Kukkiwon certified), they need to work on sword forms. Getting the sword to make that whoosh sound isn’t easy, but they’re managing. With practice.

Cyro and I study Korean together. I stay ahead with skill and knowledge so I can teach it. But really we go to various text books and on line instruction to improve our skills. The internet makes it easier to learn.

Cyro is building Pre-Thirteen, a poem book filled with all their poems created before they turn thirteen in December. You’ll see the collection published shortly after they turn 13. I hope. We’re making good progress.

Goals besides? Art which will switch to Creative Writing for Nanowrimo. There’s a 10k story in Cyro’s head I’m forcing to come out. Cooking and sewing is a joint class where Cyro decides which they want to do. Last night, Cyro made a pillow out of a dish towel. I didn’t like the dish towel. Now Grandma can use it as a pillow.

Homeschooling works for Cyro as weeklies. What they need to handle over the course of one week. So if they have interest in one of the school tasks, they can focus on it. Minus Korean, which is an every day thing.

Some kids need more structure. Some need less. Education and learning isn’t supposed to be the enemy of children. We can only improve as a society and a community if education and learning is a love.

If you have any questions about my homeschooling, I’m open to it. I tutor beyond just Cyro, but they’re my consistent pupil.

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