Poem: Roses are Red

Just a reminder:

Roses Are Red

Roses are red

violets are blue

if you’re not GD

I’m not interested in you.

Go read [Idol’s Gaze] if you want to know how deep my love for GD is. I’m trying to keep distance between me and him. The more I learn the more I fall. So it’s safer if I just keep lots of distance.

Unless he wants to cut down the distance.

Just how can I know it’s him and not another bot? So many bots use his face to get money and information. It’s such a sad world we live in. I’m tired of everything.

I’ll watch silently from the shadows as he succeeds in a world meant for failure.

Don’t believe me about the failure part? Watch Squid Game. World is breaking apart because the rich only play games with everyone else. Do they not realize why the Roman Empire collapsed? Or why there is an age called Dark Ages? This is the first time it’ll be a global fall out, though. There will be no area in the world not half broken from this collapse. Still looking forward to it.

I am made to work for a community. I’m not made to work for money. I’m not made to abuse others just for a chance. I’d rather sacrifice myself first. Thanks.

When will we learn humans work best when we are a community. When everyone deserves all the rights. When there is no fighting between humans. When aggression is seen as bad. When will we learn our current world order is only killing us?

[PeaceMinusOne]. I seek true peace. 안녕.

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