SS: Almost Done

Final Chapters

[Idol’s Gaze]

Chapter 1: [SS: Writer’s Block]

Chapter 30: [SS: Evening Free]

Almost Done

Having Kevin’s birthday at Jiyong’s home… Our home… This is our home. This is where we live. Everyone came to us. It made cooking for it easier. Cake, presents, just being a family. Chatting and laughter.

Is this my life now? Is this what I have to look forward to?

My birthday was similar. Kevin even took on the role of baking a cake.

Having Christmas in Korea… It’s not the same celebration. There was an ease having the disconnect. The year begins with Kevin starting in a school. My thirteen year old is going to school in Korea. Because we’re living in Korea.

I’ve gained weight, although not to the doctor’s preference. I can’t do as much as I did. I guide someone through my recipes. Jiyong makes sure someone is around to help daily. To make sure I don’t push myself in any way.

Jiyong is busy most days, but doesn’t think of putting his work on someone else when it comes to the pregnancy or our family. It’s not a lot of time, but he wants to be there. We want sus to know we matter. The album is far enough off, he can create time yet. Listening to his progress… It’s soothing. He creates music that explains life’s feelings. He turns existence into art.

That’s his skill.

That’s why everyone looks at him the way they do.

He’s amazing.

As March ends, Jiyong puts a contract form before me. I’m confused by it. “For YG.”

“The letterhead said as much.” I pick it up to read. In Korean. Because that’s where my skill is. Even with the fact it’s a form, I’m grasping what it says. “Buyout of Cat Hartliebe?”

Jiyong flinches. “To control things.”

I sigh and open up my reports. I am selling more than I ever did, but my star rating is toilet water. The review sites are pulling the one stars that have nothing to do with the book. It’s a slow process. “I’d rather…”

“You need to have someone handle the taxes stuff anyway. Sign it.” Jiyong taps the form.

My information is listed already. I scan the contract further. This is more than just my author. “Modeling?”

“You said you wouldn’t mind it.”

“And what’s this about stage performances?” I glower at the form.

“It’s just an in case measure.”


He refuses my eyes. He doesn’t want to see my anger.

I sigh. There’s reasons. There’s safety. “I’ll sign it if it times out when yours does.” I exhale.

“Already had that put in.” Jiyong points at the timeline listed. “No point if I’m not there.”

“Do you really think…?”

Jiyong shrugs. “They aren’t a real publisher. Think of it more of an agent.”

I blink and lean back. They’d get me hooked to a publisher then. And take a cut. That was very clearly written. They get a cut of up front payments and back end sales. “Ugh. Fine. They can figure out the one star nonsense.” I sign my name and slide it back to Jiyong.

“Thanks, Love.” Jiyong kisses my cheek and disappears with the form. Feels weird to have signed that. So they have access to me. To protect me. To gain my abilities. Still…

It’s not like anything can come out of it right now. I’m trying to manage the pregnancy. It takes all my time and effort.

At least I can write. I am given lots of time to just write.

Easiest pregnancy I ever handled. I’m almost done too. Final few months. Anything after April fourteen is considered safe. I’m reaching the end. For once. Even Kevin didn’t last this long.

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Chapter 32: [SS: It Ends]

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