Nanowrimo Comes

I am planning to take on course difficult.

To compete with Cyro on Cyro’s level, I’ll be writing 시우’s story. It belongs in [Witches and Demons] world. It will be written in Korean.

The goal? Over the course of the month, I need to write 10k words in Korean in the story.

The rest of the words for the 50k expectation will come from another story I’ll start in the month.

시우’s story has a level of planning. It has world building done already. Things should run smoothly as long as my brain can handle switching into Korean. My knowledge is high enough to manage writing in Korean. My grammar will suck, but be good enough to be read. I’m lacking in vocab. Writing this story will vastly improve my vocab by default.

How confident am I?

I have no idea. I’ve done German stories in the [Leagende] series. Zusammen is 6k words long with 9 chapters.

Cyro is facing a 10k word goal, so I figured writing in Korean will drop me to a comparable level. I’m normally capable of pulling off 100 words/ minute without much effort when writing. If you paid attention the 56k word story I didn’t plan to write was cleared as a first draft in ten days. I started it as a love letter almost to myself and Jiyong (hence the leads). That was on the 14th. Yesterday, the 23rd, I wrote the last word. While tackling several other requirements and spending quite a bit of time in seizure world. My last week was very dangerous for me.

Pulling off a novel in a week is a goal for myself. That’s not a goal for Cyro. Cyro finds 10k words a lot, but it’s more they haven’t found their groove yet. Once they do, we will be able to fight the same challenges.

But for now, I am the teacher. I am teaching the different methods and how to build a story, characters, setting, worlds, magical systems, etc. Cyro is still learning. There is so much to learn. Even last night, we started in on characters that aren’t human and their perspective. It will help Cyro reach the heights they can.

Yes, we have disability directly affecting our ability to write. That doesn’t mean we should give up. It just means we need to find different methods than most.

I haven’t met a ADHDer who used plotting. We do so much better in general with pantsing. And when a teacher required us to plot? Chances are we’d get disinterested or fail.

Dyslexia is maddening when writing by hand. Learning where all the keys are saved me from having issues with specific letters. But it does nothing when I flip words. I can create sentences that I would swear made sense when I wrote it, but doesn’t during the reread. It cannot even be figured out based on context.

Knowing I suffer with these disabilities- knowing Cyro does too- gives me a leg up. Knowledge can lead to understanding. We can find methods that work well for us.

Typing gives me huge bonuses. Because I know the keys. I can move quick enough my brain doesn’t lose train of thought. I can hyperfocus easier and just throw down words. I’m the type where either I’ll finish the novel in ten days or there will be a long waiting period. I’d need to buckle down and get reinterested into the work to counter the ADHD’s views.

I get bored of my own imagination. Yeah. Try that one on for size.

Cyro has been hitting that same block. After a short period of time where they need to get the story down, they switch to ‘this is boring’. No novels will be finished if that’s a disability Cyro cannot counter. There is a push through boredom that’s possible. It’s actually required for general life. To do it even if bored. Because lots of life is boring. Doesn’t mean we can forgo it.

The end result will be worth pushing. I know it. Cyro knows it. Now to get them seriously capable of it.

Wish me luck.

As a side note: Generally I do not push through a work. If I put it down and no one comments about it, I just let it be. If I have a deadline for it, that’s when I need to buckle down. Nanowrimo is a deadline that keeps me working on a project. Normally I have to face off with my lack of interest twice during the month. I figured out ways to push through.

For nano? No.

For college. I had to figure out how to push through for college. And Cyro is planning on going to college. This skill pushing through for writing is required. There is no way they’ll manage college without being able to work even bored. A lot of college is boring.


2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Comes”

  1. That’s a great goal!! I haven’t done NaNoWriMo in years (for some reason my ability to write and get story ideas just shut off) but I really miss it.

    Maybe I should try to write my own short stories in Korean. The writing style probably won’t sound great, but it’d be good language practice and maybe help me start writing again.

    You got this! Happy NaNo-ing!!

    ~ Hannah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. there are no rules to nano, so i say go for it! Korean will definitely create a different story style.
      I wonder if my style will shine through. hmmm will be something to see after the fact.


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