A thousand apologies.

*deep bow*

Idol's Gaze front cover by Cat Hartliebe

I missed a chapter while posting [Idol’s Gaze].

oops. A big oops. If you were reading along you would’ve noticed something wasn’t right.

I have added to the chapter after it. [SS: Photo & At Home]

So glad it wasn’t being read. I’m also sad its not being read.

It’s all posted now. I may do a single blog post with all of it, but not until I get an editing round. Not to fix the big stuff, but to get some minor line edits.

Also, I have a general trigger list now:

There are possible triggers, but they are reduced as much as possible. Either turned into suggestions or fade to black.

Family trauma, relationship abuse, rape, abuse of varying types, sexual actions, suicidal ideation, etc are all spoken about and made suggestion toward.

This is closer to fluffy than dark, but I am dark fantasy normally.

The romance exists and holds rank as the top most priority.

Both main characters have faced off with depression with suicidal ideations, so it appears.

Apologies if this hits wrong while reading. It is meant as more fluff than most of my work as Tod Leben.

Still Triggers are here.

Please be forewarned.

Enjoy the read.

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