SS: Lunch Date (Mimic Chapter 2)

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Heeyoung visits YG. With Cat, but her attention isn’t set to her father.

Lunch Date

I walk into the building with Heeyoung holding my hand. I offer my normal greeting to everyone I pass. Shortly after entering, Daesung stops me. “How has the morning gone?”

“We’ve had better. I think the album list is set.” Daesung shrugs. “I’m going to practice my solo in a bit if you want to listen.”

“Maybe. Is Jiyong in his usual office?”

Daesung nods. “Lunch visit?” He offers the eyebrow wag. A secret way of asking if I’m here for that. He lifts Heeyoung into his arms. “Wanna visit Dad?”

“No.” Heeyoung leans against Daesung and offers me a wave. “Mom is visiting Dad. I’m not.”

Daesung stares at me a long moment before focusing on the child. “What did Dad do now?”

“He said I cannot perform in his concert.”

“You… Want to?” Daesung hisses. “Tough request there.” Daesung offers me a short bow. “Thank you for visiting, Mom.”

Heeyoung huffs. “Thank you for taking me, Mom.”

Daesung is quick to smile. “Mom can visit Dad. We can have real fun.”


I sigh. It is an easier lunch visit without Heeyoung. Jiyong is not going to be happy she refused to even meet him. What did they talk about? Heeyoung has been angry with him since then. I knock on the door Jiyong is working inside. I enter when he waves me in. I have to wait for him to finish his note though. “Tough morning?”

“Not particularly.” Jiyong rubs his face. “I can’t believe that wasn’t autotuned.”

“We should show your mom. She’ll be all about it.” I place the packaged meal on the desk before him. It gets him cleaning up. “She knows your voice. It’s a mimic.”

“Are you sure?”

I frown thinking of it. She can hear the music. “How about I make her a song?”

Jiyong sighs opening the container. The smell catches him. He never eats enough. “You lean into it.”

“Generally. She has interest. I’m not saying she should jump for the stage. But don’t act like you weren’t on stage young. Even I was. Although… I sucked at it. She has moves. And sings. Her entire world is focused on this. Deny her? And you may crush her in a way that you won’t be able to get back from.” I watch him start devouring. “I’m not for seeing her on stage in front of a thousand people. That sounds dangerous. And there’s no way I’d let her get signed on as a idol now. But to see if she truly wants it? To see if she wants it enough to work on her own music? To see if she can handle the teachings for it?”

Jiyong purses his lips. He’s eating. I take up some to eat as well. I don’t need it as much as he does. I ate at home when Heeyoung had her second breakfast. She seems to constantly be eating. Or moving. “Write it for her. Write it out. Do not let her mimic someone else. Force her to learn her letters. And music composition. If she is serious, truly serious, those are requirements.” Jiyong taps the table. “I offer no gives on that.”

I think Heeyoung struggles with reading. Her skill is with music. But writing words and music will require a skill she doesn’t have. “And the concert?”

“She can join rehersals any night you’re with me. But… I don’t think she should join…” Jiyong looks away. “One concert. Just one of them. And that’s if she can handle enough rehersals to prove she’s good enough for it.”

“If we last through all the concerts.” I nod. “She’ll take your challenge.”

Jiyong puts the food down. “My baby is going to join me on stage? She’s… She’s so young.”

I count through the timeline. “She’ll be three before you finish this concert series.”

“I know.”

I think of it. She is a baby, but she really isn’t either. “We’re going to have to think of schooling too.”

“Don’t rush it.”

“Stop worrying.” I glower at him.

Jiyong flinches. “School wasn’t fun.”

“We’ll find a school that suits her. One that offers everything she needs in a way she needs it.”

Jiyong shifts uneasily. “The bad events in life made writing songs easier. But… I don’t want her to have any bad moments.”

I nod. That’s how I feel too. I rely on those bad memories a lot to give my characters complications.

Jiyong shoves everything away. He ate too fast. I’ll need to leave the rest here with him then. He waves me over. “Come here.”

“You’re stressed.”

“And sex helps. Come here.” Jiyong waves me over. This is part of our normal lunch visits. Heeyoung normally hangs out with someone so we can play. Everyone is willing because Jiyong always does better if we get this time in.

And I’m never going to mind.

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