SS: Mimic (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)

Cyro asked for more Heeyoung shorts. So… I created a full fledged toddler character. Who is very much savant autistic with a special interest in music. Because I can. At two I was already building stories that were far more complex than expected of a two year old. By three I wanted to write them down. She cannot create new, but she can mimic. And an autist mimicking? Talk about normal.

There would be comfort in having another autistic child.

Oh… And that Jiyong character I made out of details and data I know about him? He’s clearly savant autistic too. How could you not tell? Sheez. Go back and read his reactions. Or even watch him in real life. He really does match up with the expectations for a hyperempathic savant autistic. That’s actually part of why i love him. He understands something few do.

[Idol’s Gaze] [SS: Mimic] [SS: Lunch Date] [SS: The Stage]


Cyro wants a short story centering Heeyoung. So here we go. Heeyoung follows her father’s footsteps- even if he isn’t too happy with it- on to the stage.

“She does what?” Jiyong’s voice is loud and tense. It’s anger. But not at anything specific.

I stare at Heeyoung dancing about the living room. “Every day she asks me to put on GDragon songs and she’ll sing with you.”

“That video is unreal. You photoshopped it.” Jiyong hisses. “Or whatever it is they do to… Autotune it? Does that work?”

I laugh. “I didn’t. She’s started mimicing your songs.” I sit down watching her from a distance. She doesn’t want me commenting. She can hear the wrong sounds and words just like I can. Just like Jiyong can. She’s clearly our daughter. “I want to put her in some vocal training.”

“She’ll be… They’ll…” Jiyong sighs into the line. Anger replaced with concern. “What I went through… The amount of abuse is… Was…” He grinds his teeth. I know his habits to know which action he’s switching to. This has me think I’ll need to bring him lunch. I didn’t think he’s be against setting Heeyoung up with lessons. “It cannot be with… It has to be with… Grr. I’ll figure out who and how.”

“That’s why I brought it up to you. I didn’t make a suggestion to her.” I pause as Heeyoung spots me on the phone. “Daddy.”

“Me!” Heeyoung takes the phone from me and starts chatting. Jiyong will be fine not letting her know anything. She switches so easily between English and Korean. I wonder if she even knows they are different languages. Bilingual from birth. “I’m good.” Heeyoung shoves the phone back into my hands. She goes back to her dance routine. She’s creating one. I’ve watched her make the same spin kick twirl at least ten times. And it’s in tune with the music.

“Are you sure she didn’t hear you?”


“Did you listen?”

“I don’t switch that easily between the languages.”

“Glad I do.” Jiyong sighs into the phone. I’m worried. He definitely needs a meal. And dessert. A few minutes will help him manage things. “She said she’s going to perform at my next performance. She is coming with me for my concert series.”

I blink and stare at the being twirling around the room. “She’s creating a dance for it.”

“How many? Many songs has she mimicked? How many dances has she created?”

I count through the ones she has been getting. “I’ll make you a playlist. I think only the one has a routine planned out.”

“Thankfully.” Jiyong exhales loudly. “I need to get back to work. I already invited you for the concert series. It would have to be a big thing to stop her from going.”

“Do I need to plan that?”

“No. Bring her to YG more. I’ll set someone at her.” Jiyong grumbles. “Daesung has a positive relationship with her.”

“You mean the one she has hearts drawn around all his pictures?” I chuckle. “She has the biggest crush on him.”

“And hopefully this will destory the crush too. She cannot date anyone.” Jiyong growls into the line.


“No one. Ever.”

“I’ll revoke your allowance in this field in a few years.”


“Two. It’s fine. Daesung isn’t going to do anything about it. She’ll be allowed to date when she starts realizing what a date is.”

“My daughter-“

“I’m gonna hang up now. I’ll bring lunch. You can complain about all her dates, but she will have them.” I shut off the phone before Jiyong can make further complaints.

Heeyoung knows how to play a certain song once I have the app open. She’ll restart the song from the beginning. She’ll rewind and just intently listen.

“Her special interest is music.” I close my eyes listening to Jiyong’s words. “Natural born musician, just like her dad.”

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