SS: Response (Idol’s Gaze fanfiction?)

[Idol’s Gaze]

I have written several random shorts that follow a similar concept as Idol’s Gaze. Some work with the novel. Some don’t. I’m probably going to write more random nonsense shorts and mark them connected.

None of these are anything besides fun and nonsense.

This short cannot happen in the same world. Instead of meeting up in person, the meet up is online back when he was in military. The ones who call themselves GD are more likely to be bots, but clones can only exist if there is a real person to clone from.


I never thought he’d respond. It’s not like he doesn’t get thanked often. To think we’re chatting.

I half believe it’s someone else. I’m being pranked. That’s to be expected. But either way it’s nice. To be able to chat. He’s a writer. Sometimes his messages are a mess and others it’s… It’s cute. I know how rough first drafts are. Chatting like this is rough. As if we read over our messages before sending. At least I don’t. Our times are different. He responds mostly in the morning before I wake up or when I’m reading Kevin. That kid. School is a pain. Why does he agree to go?

Today I woke up early. Excitement! It’s mostly because I went to bed early. Writing breaks do that.

He hasn’t truly responded. I see the triple dots to say he’s writing. So I stare at them. The adorable back and forth has been… I need to tell him I found the book he suggested. I question if I can spend the money. Even $20 is a lot anymore. My writing is going better, but not at the point I’m free to buy whatever.

When I send my note, his three little dots disappear. Then a quick message, ‘Wanna video chat?’

I glance at my nightgown. Hmm… What to answer with? I would actually get the truth. Who is this person? Not really a concern from my end. He knows me as Cat Hartliebe. He’s playing the part of GD. The time at least looks Korean. ‘Sure.’

Not seconds later, the video pops up. Accepting his call has me gasping.

What the hell?

That is actually…

“Hi, Cat.” His grin is…

OMG! I blink. Nothing has changed. I knew it was a person texting me and chatting… But the superstar? “Ji? Jiyong? GD?”

“Yeah.” He laughs.

I’m ready to black out. I don’t look like I’m blushing although the heat feels as if I could cook usng my cheeks. I look shocked at least. I don’t…

“I’ve been thinking of asking.” Jiyong has the most beautiful smile. And it’s directed my way?

“To… Video chat?” With me?

“Yeah. hearing a feminine voice would probably help.” His voice has my heart going wild. This wasn’t the person I was expecting. Hoping for maybe, but not expecting.

We’re friends. That’s what happened. We’ve been chatting and… I’m friends with a superstar? Breathe, Cat. “I was weighing whether to buy the book you suggested.”

Jiyong’s eyes widen and his smile disappears. “You have to.” He is so expressive.

“I do?” And I’m nervous.

“Yup.” His eyes are clear. His voice rings true. “You asked me for a book. I gave you one.”

“And you’re going to read Siddhartha?” It was my suggestion.

“Absolutely. Once I can get it.” He rubs the back of his neck and looks away. “I don’t have access to Amazon.”

That’s how I sent him the book info. I knew he was out of the country. Even worse, he’s in the military. He can’t easily get anything. “I wish I could help.”

“I wish you could help too.” Something in his smirk has me pull back.

He’s teasing me?! “I think your desires are a touch different from mine. I was suggesting I could help you get the book.”

“I know.” His eyes light up.

I just stare at him.

“You didn’t notice the last comment I made.” Jiyong has confidence in that smirk.

What comment? I switch screens around until I see his text, ‘Would you be interested in a Korean vacation?’ My jaw drops. “How exactly do I respond to that?”

“Just a casual question.” He looks innocent. That question isn’t innocent.  “I can think of a few places I’d love to show you.” That look is not innocent. He’s making suggestive comments! To me? What?

“Um…” I shift a little. “Looking for that hug I offered?”

A nod and grin. He looks so pretty. Who can say no?

This isn’t a question I can say yes to though. “I must be dreaming. This can’t be real.” I look at the time. “And my day needs to start anyway.”


“Yeah.” I stare at him again. He knows I’m a single mother. And still asks me? I’m probably still asleep. My alarm will wake me. “I’m not against visiting Korea. I was even thinking of taking Kevin if he proved himself in Taekwondo.”

“Really?” Those eyes show off the want… and a level of surprise? “Sounds perfect.” Did Jiyong just suggest…?

No. I’m asleep.

Yeah. Asleep. This is all a dream.

I look at the time again. “I need to go.”

“Tomorrow at 6:30a your time, video chat.” He’s quick to suggest that.

I nod. Because I’m a fool. “Bye.” I bite my lip with the chat over. He comments a reminder of the video chat tomorrow. I’ll need to wake up early again.

I pinch myself. Has to be a dream, so why does it hurt?

The alarm sounds off and I stare at the device. “Kevin.”

I put my phone aside. I can think about that later while picking up his suggested book.

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