SS: The Stage (Mimic chapter 3)

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This is a three part mini story. So The Stage ends the chaos. I do hope you enjoy it. I have two more fluffy little shorts that include Heeyoung next.

Heeyoung takes on any challenge. She’ll win too. Cat has used that to get her to do things before. It helps she’ll do anything if it means getting on stage with Jiyong.

The Stage

“Dad isn’t going to go back on his word, right?” Heeyoung stares at me. She needs certainty. Because she is really struggling with the letters. None of them look like letters to her. She doesn’t see what I see when I read. It’s just a mess.

“Nope.” I hold up a big A and place it before her. “This is the English letter A.”

Heeyoung pulls out a ㅏ. She places it on top of the A. I don’t know if she does that because they’re similar or because she is picked it at random. She isn’t catching on to either alphabet. “Mom?”


“Will you read to me? The letter book?”

I offer her a smile. “English? or Korean?”

Heeyoung fidgets. She picks up the two letters on the stack. She doesn’t know how different they are. “Both?”

Getting the book, I sit before her. It’s a slow process to go through the books, but Heeyoung knows the requirements.

The song is sitting there for her, but she needs to read it. She needs to come up with a full song around it. I’m willing to help, but not do it all myself. She mimics sounds. That doesn’t mean she knows it.

That mimicing though has her picking up on the letters. But it’s not as easy for her. I can see the glaze. The lost expression. Written language may always be a tough request for her.

“You don’t have to write songs. You don’t have to become a singer. There’s plenty of jobs that don’t require intense study of language.”

She whimpers. She’s going to keep trying.

I smile. It was hard for me to get my language down, too. I wanted it. Because letters and words gave me stories. She’s going to fight for the knowledge because it gives her song.

She needs song.

We practice a lot, but the concert comes before she can really manage language. She’s nervous to face Jiyong like that. She can’t read things yet. She doesn’t grasp it. I’m going to try a new tactic. I’ve switched up multiple times now. It will eventually click.

Jiyong stands on stage. Rehersals to make sure everything can go smoothly. Heeyoung walks out singing Untitled with him. I can see the smile. A mini me. Even if Jiyong is worried, he’s still proud. I’m proud.

Heeyoung is going to be an idol. Nothing we do will change her path.

Kwon Heeyoung will be a name in neon lights.

Only the final concert is allowed. So Heeyoung joins every rehersal. We celebrate her third birthday on the road. She is beyond excited to have that happen. Her world is the stage.


I stand backstage watching my beautiful little girl dressed in all silver and black walks out on stage holding a microphone to her lips. Her world is right there. Before a thousand people. Walking out to her father who stopped singing so people knew exactly what his protogee is like.

“She was born to do that.” I wipe my eyes of the tears. I need to be ready to join her if there is any trouble. Jiyong will hold her and bring her off stage after she gets the chance to greet the audience.

Just once.

Once will never be enough. Heeyoung’s world expanded and shrunk at the same time.

Daesung nudges me. He’s going out next. “She looks like the moon out there.”

I nod. “Lunar Eclipse is her song. Because the dragon captures the moon.”

Daesung grins. “That is the cutest idea ever.”

I shrug. She hasn’t read the song yet. There are so many things she needs to do before she can be before a crowd again. She’s too young to just join the stage.

“My turn.” Daesung tugs his headpiece into place and steps into position. Everyone is cheering on Jiyong as they disappear. I need to cheer them on too. Just in person. Jiyong only has a few minutes before he gets back on stage too. Concerts are hectic. Heeyoung wants this. I can’t deny her.  

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